14 February 2015

Hound exercise 14th Feb

Hound exercise at 10am this morning. Because of the overnight rain, there is very limited parking on site. The ride will last approximately 1 hour and may include some off roading!

06 February 2015

Last Hunt 7th Feb

Last hunt tomorrow, going will be fantastic. Good long runs, a bit of jumping and really a great end to a fantastic season. I hope we see as many as possible of you out there to celebrate the final hunt.

30 January 2015

Hunting 31st January

We have cancelled tomorrow's hunt in view of the wet ground conditions and forecast rain. The weather forecast for next week is significantly better, so fingers crossed!

24 January 2015

Hunting is on

Little bit of rain overnight, but all looks well for this morning. See you there!

16 January 2015

Hunting 17th January

Due to the phenomenal amount of rain we have had this week, hunting is cancelled.

See you all at the ball!!

10 January 2015

09 January 2015

Hunting 10th January

There is a 50/50 chance of hunting tomorrow, and it will help if there is very little rain tonight.

Breakfast will be on no matter what, starting at 9:45am, last orders at 10:30 (this will change if we cancel hunting).

Fingers crossed for no rain tonight!